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Times, Sunday Times (2012) Government ministers would come to the house and share a drink and talk politics. Times, Sunday Times (2006)She sent in a message that she would burst in on the cabinet if a minister did not come out. Paul Preston DOVES OF WAR: Four Women of Spain (2002)It prompted calls for the country ‘s defence minister to resign.

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The Sun (2016)It is difficult to be more specific without more detail. The Sun (2016)Her full contact details were listed. Times, Sunday Times (2017)You can find the details of the individual charges by going to the website of the fund manager and downloading the annual accounts.

Alcohol or drug use, particularly when it may involve a member of your family, is a very emotionally loaded issue. Thus, it is quite natural that many parents are at a loss to know how to begin to handle this problem within the family. The following guidelines were prepared by counsellors trained in working with young people to provide parents with some basic ideas for use in dealing with this issue..

Times, Sunday Times (2017)Charm is no longer considered valid in theatre and opera. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Most of us can see the valid points made on both sides of the question. Christianity Today (2000)To what degree does quoting sources make an argument more valid? Goshgarian, Gary Exploring language (6th edn) (1995)The firm would have to accept this unless it has a valid legal reason for refusing.